Promoting creativity, awaken imagination !

This art competition is a challenge for modellers and owners by the original painted small scale RC cars. We would like to encourage people creativity and attractiveness of the color of the field of small scale RC cars, to appreciate many of our skilled colleagues and support our hobby at a time when it did "everything can be buy ready"... It is therefore a competition of originally processed body, as unique pieces that represent their owner. Conditions for admission to the competition don´t satisfy the paited and printed body from the factory bodywork of commercial producers. But white of lexan body produced commercially are allowed if originaly painted. Still better are completely self-made body. Any material from which the base body is made of (white plastic from a commercial producer, lexan, fiberglass, carbon, balsa wood, paper, etc.).

The competition is the originality of the design and body paint work.

Competition categories

"body 1:28 Racer" : espetially Mini-Z body

"body 1:24 Racer" : espetially resin and lexan body

"body 1:32 Truck" : truck body

"body 1:24 F1" : formula 1 body

"body Comic Racer" : especially paper cut-outs, but also other materials
(Tip: custom design, magazine, from internet, etc.)

"drawing RC car" : especially designed for juniors who would like to compete, but the possibilities of painting the body simply do not have. Nevermind, draw and send us a picture of a RC micro-cars of the categories above and sign up !

How to enter the competition

Competition is correspondence, there is no need to travel anywhere, and of course all correspondence takes place electronically.

Competitor and owner of the exhibit, which calls for inclusion in the art contest , fill out the registration form (to see Menu - Registration) and mail photo of exhibit to

Be careful when photographing a model. Use a neat background. The subject well focus. We also recommend not to photograph the body itself, but mounted on the chassis - nice rims do wonders!

Please, provide your photos in lanscape orientation, not in vercical, to keep unique photo gallery representation.

Published will always max.2 photo from your submitted. Don´t send a lot of photos for the organizers selection, better to do your own choice and send really only two most successful photographs, that you are interested to be published.

In the case of missing important information the exhibit will NOT be admitted to the competition.

Contestants must also be the owner of exhibit, the competition cannot sign foreign model.

Competition is open, there is no condition to be competing at the same time as an active participant of RC car championship, in the art competition with rivals you compete on distance.

Competition is not intended for "plastic rack kits", but for functional RC car at that scale.

Participation is free of charge.

Assessment of acceptance or rejection of exhibits for the competition is in full responsibility of the competition organizer.

Evaluation of the competition

Send your documents as soon as possible, photographs competitive exhibits will be published on this website .

The final deadline for exhibits for the competition is February 15, 2014. But time advantage may be the one who will be the eyes of the evaluators and the public more...

The assessment of the overall impression of the exterior design, color-matching, creativity and quality of color paintwork will be taken into account as well as practical applicability and functionality of the body in races. Evaluation will provide the team organizers of the competition.

Each category will be evaluated separately. Cetegory will be evaluated only in the case that it will meet the least three different contestants.

Announcement of winners will take place by the end March/2014 and results will be posted on this website.

The most successful contestants will win and original diplomas.